Thursday, September 3, 2015

Featured Author Faith Blum

We're pleased to feature author Faith Blum from Wisconsin. She's written and published multiple books including A Mighty Fortress.

Most people by age 24 are ahead of the game if they've published one book. You have 6 titles selling on Amazon and likely more coming out soon. How do you stay so productive?
Three of those titles are novellas, so they are shorter and faster to publish. But what also helps is that I do not work outside the home. My writing is my work. I am blessed to have a supportive family whom I still live with and who allow me to contribute my time rather than my money to the family.

Modest of you to say that, Faith, but it's still impressive and you blog too. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging to create more awareness of my books as I published them. Since then, my blog has also been a good place to help other authors.

What kind of help?
I am willing to help authors with almost anything I can. I offer proofreading services, beta-reading services, and general help questions. In June 2015, I also did a series of blog posts on Self-publishing that has some great resources I have found.

How does your blog assist with your writing goals?
It helps me connect with readers and potential readers and also to have a public place to set goals. Setting goals that I make public help me to stay motivated to meet the goals.

Do you use Blogger, or
I currently only use, but may switch my website over to at some point in the next year or so. does have more features. How did you decide on the domain name?
One of the few things that will not change with my writing is my author name, so I thought this would be the easiest way to make sure my fans could find me online if they wanted to.

How often do you post?
That really depends. I try to do at least one post per week, but sometimes I don't have anything to post and other times, I have three or four posts in a week. I don't post regularly like some people, but I do try to keep it active.

That's a smart approach. What's one piece of advice you have for new authors?

Just keep writing. If you get stuck in your story, keep writing anyway. One thing that's helped me when I get stuck is to skip ahead and write a scene I know I can do later on in the story. Then, when I finally get an idea how to finish off the previous scene, I'll write that and connect them. There was one time, I got stuck, wrote ahead, got stuck again and wrote ahead again, so I had to connect in two places. It eventually worked out and you can't tell at all.

What do you like about your blog?
How versatile it is. So far I have been able to put almost anything on my blog.

Ah yes, reminds me of my "anything in the universe" blog where no topic is off limit. What bugs you about your blog?
Rafflecopter and Mailchimp forms don't show up on Wordpress unless you pay big bucks for it.

How do you engage comments or attempt to, which can be extremely challenging?
I don't get a lot of comments, so it isn't that hard. I do try to reply to each comment even if it's just a "Thank you for stopping by!"

Might you create a book from your blog posts?
I doubt it.

What's one good link for readers to find your books?

Here are ways to connect with Faith Blum:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Keep up the amazing work!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Self-Publishing with Smashwords Udemy Course

Smashwords is the world’s largest distributor of self-published ebooks. 350,000 authors have published with Smashwords for these great reasons:
1. Pays you 85% royalties on direct sales.
2. Converts your ebook into every file type for any possible e-reading device.
3. Distributes your ebook for sale to other retailers like Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Page Foundry, Baker & Taylor, Library Direct, Oyster, Scribd, Flipkart and OverDrive while handling the finances.
4. Allows you to generate ebook discounts for any amount and time frame. Perfect for gifting books or creating sale events.
5. Design an author profile with photos, videos, links to your print books, interview and more.
6. It's a free service. They only make money when you sell ebooks.
The course is taught by Jason Matthews, bestselling author and Udemy instructor for self-publishing topics.
Everything you need to:
  • format documents with NCX file
  • pass Meatgrinder and make Premium Catalog
  • convert to ePub
  • make covers
  • upload and sell at Smashwords
  • distribute to major retailers around the world
List price $29. Save with coupon, just $15: SMASHWORDS

Want Your Blog Featured? See the Course and Contact Info

Friday, May 1, 2015

Featured Authors Sandra V. and William L. McGee

We're pleased to feature Sandra and William McGee, authors of multiple books including The Divorce Seekers: A Photo Memoir of a Nevada Dude Wrangler.

The book sounds fascinating.
The year was 1947. The place, Reno, Nevada. Young and handsome Montana cowboy, Bill McGee, recently discharged from the U.S. Navy, is hired on as the head dude wrangler at the Flying M E, an exclusive divorce ranch 20 miles south of Reno that catered to wealthy Easterners and Hollywood celebrities seeking a six week divorce.
McGee recalls these post-war years in a collection of stories about the guests he met Eastern socialites with names like Astor, du Pont and Roosevelt, and Hollywood celebrities like Gable, Gardner and Hayworth and the places they frequented while serving their six week residencies.
The coffee table book is illustrated with more than 500 black-and-white photographs (most from private collections and never before published) and give the reader an up-close glimpse into life on this exclusive Nevada divorce ranch.

What's the name of your blog, Sandra?
DIVORCE NEVADA STYLE, About the Brief But Glimmering Reno Divorce Era 1930s-1960s: Also the name of a book I co-authored with my husband Bill. However, I'm contemplating upgrading the blog domain name this year so it includes "Divorce Nevada Style" in the URL.

How long have you had it and how often do you post?
I started the blog about eight years ago (wow!) and post when I have news to announce which is, on average, maybe every other month.

What do you like the most about your blog?
There was a learning curve in the beginning; then I found pretty easy to use.

What have you learned that you can share with a newbie?
I appreciate when a blog post contains information that is worth my time to read.

Good tip, instead of just writing fluff. What's the best link for readers to find your books?

Divorce isn't always pretty, but it makes for interesting reading. Thank you, Sandra and Bill.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Featured Author Dan Alatorre

We're pleased to featured best-selling author of the Savvy Series and humorist, Dan Alatorre, from Florida. Dan's blog platform is the free version of Wordpress, a fine choice for any author:

Dan, how did you decide on the domain name?
Originally, I thought I’d do what Steven Spielberg and other people do, make their first book or movie the name of their production company. So at first I had the book Savvy Stories and not much else; later I thought I’d probably publish under Savvy Stories Books or something, and use it that way so it still tied in.

How long have you had it and how often do you post?
I have probably had the blog for 1 ½ years now, maybe a little less. I posted weekly or more often at first, until I realized after a year that nobody was reading it. Then I cut way back. Now I am more balanced. I do Twitter daily to feed the blog and as an overall fun presence, Facebook daily for other things as a presence, and blog at least weekly but in a focused direction of helpful writer tips and little snippets of the books.

What do you like the most or least about your blog?
Wordpress is MUCH less intuitive than almost any other social media I use. Facebook is almost child’s play; Wordpress isn’t. I call it clunky. I feel at home with it now, but it’s still not as easy to get stats and see what’s happening as Twitter or almost anything else, which is inexcusable these days. The description I’d use is that FB and Twitter are easy for noncomputer types; Wordpress seems like it was written by code engineers who don’t know what people want. And honestly, if you have Facebook, do you even need a blog? FB can be both. If certain people I respect HIGHLY (my wife, you) hadn’t told me to have a blog, I probably wouldn’t. FB was my blog.

What have you learned that you can share with a newbie?
Ooh. Tons. Because of Jason Matthews’ courses, which I recommend to everyone, and other things, I have helped Allison Maruska get her first book published, I’m helping a published young author develop a platform to market, I’m helping another author get her first book finished and published, and I’m willing to help almost anyone avoid the horrid mistakes I made from not knowing where to go and what to do. I recommend critique groups, editors, book cover designers, your FB group and on and on. I read and review books for new authors and work with them in critique groups to show them they have talent.

Because of what I’ve learned and my experience as a Fortune 500 company sales manager, I’m compiling an eBook sales marketing book series that should be ready soon, and which would make for a GREAT Udemy course if you’re interested in helping with that. I’d take you as a partner in a heartbeat, Jason! Think about it.

Okay, sounds good. What's the best link for readers to find your books?
Probably my Amazon author page

Anything else you’d like to add?
Jason, your FB group and your Udemy course helped me a TON, I think you know that, so I recommend them both to everybody. Then I try my best to help each new author who asks or needs it, because as corny as it sounds, it feels good to help others.

Not corny at all. Dan, you're a great ambassador for the indie author crowd. I hope to meet more authors like you on this experience.