Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hobbies and Cents

We're pleased to feature Rho'Nesha Bontemps, creator of Hobbies and Cents. It's a blog dedicated to teaching readers to enjoy their hobbies while taking control of their finances. Along the way, readers learn how to date their mates, shop, travel, and more all on a budget.
When did you discover a passion for writing?
I discovered my passion for writing in the 7th grade after I read the Catcher in the Rye.  I don’t know what it is about that book but it made me fall in love reading and writing.  I started writing in a journal and just never stopped.
Hobbies and Cents is an intriguing name. How did it come about?
I was at work one day talking to a friend about my hobbies and it just hit me.  I chose hobbies because I’m passionate about the things that I like to do and I chose cents because I love enjoying my hobbies but I don’t want to spend a lot of money doing them.  Hence the name Hobbies and Cents.
How does your blog assist with your author platform?
I’m not an author just yet. Eventually I hope to publish an eBook sometime next year but I haven’t settled on a topic just yet.
How often do you post?
I post one to two times per week.  I want to post twice but I am focusing on quality versus quantity right now.  Eventually it will grow to 3 times per week if everything goes according to plan.
What type of posts do you find most satisfying?
All of my posts are my favorite so far because they are things that I’ve dealt with.  If I was forced to choose my favorite post I would be the post on my wedding. It mean a lot to me to have my dream wedding on a budget and to share how I was able to obtain it through careful planning.  I hope to share those tips and more with others through my writing.

What do you like about your blog?
I love that it will be so versatile. I talk about money, marriage, travel, and other lifestyle tips such as getting your house ready for the holidays (which will be featured this week). I love the fact that it gives me the freedom to write about all of my passions without restrictions.
What bugs you about it?
Everything that I have to learn.  It is time consuming but it will be worth it once my readers grow.
How do you target your specific audience?
Right now I advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  I just joined Tailwind to automatically schedule my Pinterest posts.  I saw a slight growth last week but I know it takes time to grow my subscribers.
Do you feel it’s important to capture emails or subscribers? If so, what's your preferred method?
I don’t have a large following yet so I don’t really know.  If I could pick now I would say subscribers because starting next week, I will be sending out weekly emails to my subscribers.
How do you engage comments or attempt to, which can be extremely challenging?
I hope to start ending my blog posts with questions to get my readers involved.
Any advice for a newbie blogger?
My advice would be tackle one thing at a time.  It takes time write, post, find pictures, etc. It can be overwhelming but if you set small goals and organize your time it will help you.
Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?
Yes, check me out on

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