Sell Ebooks on Amazon and Global Retailers
#1 video for authors. Save time and money when you self-publish on any budget. Everything made easy. Comprehensive video lessons on every topic includes:
● the PDF book How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free
● cover design – formatting – conversions to formats (ePub, mobi, PDF)
● selling at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Apple, Google, Kobo and more
● blogs and websites – selling on autopilot with PayPal and shopping carts– reviews – PR
● maximizing social media (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube and more)

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Make CreateSpace Paperbacks is Amazon’s print on demand company, the best place in the world to self publish paperback books. Learn to do it fast and easy. You’ll save time and money. Install great fonts, handle front matter, use section breaks, insert page numbers, images and more. Watch an MS Word document formatted and uploaded to CreateSpace. Also get 2 FREE TEMPLATES that come with the course as examples, templates you can use for your books!
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Amazon Author Central: Marketing Books Like a Pro

Designed for authors at all levels, takes you through the steps of building a solid Amazon presence to sell more books. You'll quickly do what so many authors aren't doing well. Make an effective Amazon profile for the USA and other nations, benefit from affiliate links and commissions, make the most of your Amazon potential.   
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Self-Publishing with Smashwords is the world’s largest distributor of self-published ebooks. 350,000 authors have published with Smashwords for great reasons. Smashwords pays you 85% royalties on direct sales. It converts your ebook into every file type for any possible e-reading device and also distributes your ebook for sale to other retailers. Plus you can generate coupons for gifting ebooks or special promotions and also create an extensive author profile.
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Calibre Convert to Epub File (electronic publication) is a standard file type, preferred because they’re optimized for any reading device (reflowable). Calibre is open source software, the one-stop solution for your Epub needs. Calibre lets you to convert documents to many file types. You can also edit the ebook metadata, the text, tags and more. Calibre makes it easy–this course shows you how. You’ll love what this program can do!
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Formatting MS Word for Amazon Kindle time and money when you format your Word document for Kindle. Readers love a well formatted ebook, plus you can make changes anytime you want. Step by step tutorial that shows how to format each section from the Title page to the Table of Contents to the About the Author page and more. Inserting images, hyperlinks, layout, everything a reader expects in an ebook. Detailed instruction working with an actual MS Word document and uploading it to Amazon’s Preview Mode, something you’ll do soon with your own books.
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Blogging for Authors
Create an awesome blog fast with Wordpress or Blogger, perfect for newbies or intermediates who want improvements. 
We'll put the power of blogs to work for you, assisting any writer with online platform. A blog boosts an author's visibility and is essential for the main objective: getting more people to read your words.
Reach Readers Around the World through Blogging
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Bestselling Keywords for Amazon Authors
Find and add the best keywords for your book, whether it’s already published or not. Save weeks to months of time getting your book to do better with Amazon search results.
Give your book the advantage to reach a greater audience. Each lesson shows real-time examples using Amazon’s search engine and Google Keyword Planner.
The videos are between 2 and 5 minutes, making it simple to follow and use the advice right away.
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